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Farm Accounting Software

Expert: Farm Business Consultants

Mary asked:

"For an inexperienced person on a computer, using a 486 IBM clone with no Internet connection, what is the best farm bookkeeping software for her to install and learn?"

Farm Business Consultants answered:

"Here is a list of computer software specifically recommended for farming. It offers guidance based on effectiveness, complexity and ease of use.

Before deciding on any software package, be sure to consider how much time you have to learn the new software, if it is specific to your type of business, and the cost.

  1. SETTLER GOLD and SETTLER LITE for Windows
    What is it?: based in Regina, it is a leading supplier of farm-based software in Canada.
    • Sophisticated features, including automatic splitting of entries to enterprises
    • Farm-specific, cash and accrual-based reporting
    • Reasonably complicated double entry system
    Recommendation: Ideal for farm businesses that already have a dedicated accounting and bookkeeping position.

    What is it?: the most popular software in the Canadian small business market, and is part of the Quicken family of software from Intuit.
    • Takes some time to set up first year
    • Single entry system (no balancing entry required)
    • Can be customized to farm accounts
    • Unable to track farm inventory correctly or do enterprise analysis
    Recommendation: Ideal for smaller farms and businesses that do their own record keeping.

    What is it?: products include ACCPAC for Windows, ACCPAC Plus Accounting, and Simply Accounting. Farmers are most likely familiar with Simply Accounting.
    • Takes some time to set up first year
    • Can be customized to meet the needs of most operations
    • Double entry system
    • Requires some accounting knowledge
    Recommendation: Simply Accounting is most suitable for small businesses that have a dedicated accounting and bookkeeping position.

    What is it?: relatively new in the Canadian market, this program is designed to provide a user-friendly solution to record keeping, budgeting, and invoicing.
    • Very simple, single entry system
    • Performs budgeting and invoicing functions
    • Has a business/farm version
    • Little set-up or training required
    • No inventory or asset tracking capabilities
    Recommendation: This is the simplest of record keeping software. It will suit farmers who are looking for a basic record keeping system or who are first time users of an electronic system.

About the author

Farm Business Consultants Inc. (FBC) is Canada's largest, most experienced agricultural tax specialist. FBC services include tax consulting, tax return preparation, record keeping, assistance with government support programs, and estate planning. With operations in five provinces - BC to Ontario - FBC has more than 50,000 clients.

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