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Canada's Immigrant Investor Program

Expert: Doug Kellam

VJ asked:

Canada has an immigrant investor program. Basically, investors who want a visa to Canada invest $400,000+ and get a Visa. How do I apply for investment money from the pool of money that the government is collecting through this program?

Doug Kellam answered:

The Canada Immigrant Investor Program has been changed recently with three important improvements:

  1. The full amount invested by the immigrant flows directly to the provinces for their investment in economic priorities.
  2. It reduces the potential for abuse by eliminating agents from selling and marketing the funds.
  3. The principal investment of $400,000 is guaranteed over five years to the immigrant.
Potential funds available to applicants have been slow to materialize as many prospective immigrants applied under the previous rules of the Investor Program. To this point, two provinces have established program links with the Government of Canada: Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

Persons residing in Ontario should call:

    Business Immigration Section
    Investment Branch, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
    Hearst Block, 3rd Floor, 900 Bay Street
    Toronto, Ontario, M7A 2E1
    Tel: (416) 325-6975
    Fax: (416) 325-6653

The province of Quebec administers its own program and can be contacted at Ministere Des Relations Avec Les Citoyens et de L'Immigration 514-864-9191. Inquiries from all other parts of Canada can be made to Citizenship & Immigration 613-941-9006.

About the author

Doug Kellam is with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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