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Starting a Cabinet Manufacturing Business in Surrey, British Columbia

Expert: Donna McFadden

Karen asked:

My brother is presently laid-off from his work and wants to start a cabinet manufacturing business in Surrey, British Columbia. He has no money to start off with and is interested in a government grant to get his company off the ground. He has a strong business plan and has done a lot of research. Could you please aid us with information as to where he can go to for such a grant?

Donna McFadden answered:

Your brother might be eligible for a Self-Employment Program. This is a program to assist people with business start-up and is sponsored by Human Resources Development Canada.

He would have to be currently receiving EI benefits or have exhausted a claim within the past three years. If he qualifies, the program provides approximately two and one-half months (four half-days per week) of seminars on topics such as Operations, Marketing, Market Research, Business Finance, Sales, etc. and a total of 48 weeks of income benefits. Monies earned from the business during the 48 weeks are not deducted from income benefits.

I would also advise him go to the business section of the Vancouver Public Library and ask for resource materials that list funding agencies and requirements.

About the author

Donna McFadden is the President & Programs Coordinator at the Self-Employment Programs Centre in Vancouver, BC.

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