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I want to create an online dating website for my business

By Andrew Patricio |

Yilin asked:

I want to create an online dating web and start this as my business. Where should I start? Do I have to set it up as a business or I can be self-employed ? I am also working as full time employee.

Andrew Patricio answered:

I believe there are webmasters that'll build a dating website for you, you may even be able to buy a template that works.

Building the website is the easy part. Getting traffic to you site is more important. Focus on how you're going to build traffic.

You can operate this business as a self-employed person or incorporate. If you're concerned with liability it's probably better to incorporate.

If you're working full-time check with your employer if you're allowed to start your own business while still working for them, some companies don't allow this.

I hope this helps.


Editor's Note: You might also find our Starting a New Business Checklist article helpful for explaining things like your tax and registration obligations.

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