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Event Details

Four Cornerstones of Personal Finance & Business Transition Planning

March  09, 2017    Toronto, ON
David Duong holds the CPA, CMA and CIM' designation with over 16 years of extensive experience in finance and investments. He is an active member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada's Financial Literacy Network. He is honoured to receive multiple nominations for the 2016 CPA Canada Financial Literacy Volunteer Award. David is a trusted family wealth advisor and estate planning expert. He provides wealth enhancement strategies to self-employed and incorporated owners, who want to have peace of mind that retirement is well taken care of. He is seen as the go-to person for trusted financial wisdom and education, because of his emphasis on smarter retirement and tax planning strategies. This program will cover: Part 1 - Business Transition Planning ' Understand How to Build Value and Maintain it Exiting Your Business, One Day You Will Exit! Traps to Avoid and How to Mitigate Protecting Your Business Value Proposition Drivers Plan So You Won't Pay Too Much Taxes In Growth and Exit Part 2 - Personal Finance Topics Liquidity ' What would happen if you needed cash? Retirement ' Help you paint a picture of your ideal day Lifestyle Protection - How to handle life's hiccups Financial Security at Death ' What would happen if you died? Debunking myths about savings Pay yourself first strategies This program is free and will be held in the Auditorium.
Contact:Business, Science and Technology Department at North York Central Library 416-395-5613
Where: 5120 Yonge St
Time: 6:30 PM -8:00 PM
Hosted by:Business, Science and Technology Department