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Small Business Money Guide

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Government Funding

Accessing Government Funding in Canada I
A continued look at government funding, and the importance of assessment criteria if you are looking to obtain government funding for your business.

Accessing Government Funding in Canada II
The final consideration when seeking government funding requires an understanding of the environment you are working within.

Asset & Property Financing with the Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBF)
Looking for a government loan? Then this could be the program for you.

Canadian Taxes: PST, GST and HST & More

Help! What Taxes Must I Pay?
GST, PST, CPP, EI, income tax, personal tax, commercial tax ... if you're feeling fed up with Canada's tax system, chances are good that you are not alone.

Provincial Tax Links (PST): (select a province/territory)

Demystifying the GST
We created this primer to help you understand ins and outs of the GST.

Self-Employed and Contract Earnings: How-To File Your Personal Tax Return
Did you earn income outside of your regular day job in 2012 that won't be reported on the T4 from your employer? This article explains how to declare your contract and/or self-employment income on your 2012 tax return.

Filing Your Business Income Tax Return: A 7 Step Guide for Self-Employed Canadians, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships
This step-by-step guide explains how to file your taxes using Form T2125.

An In-Depth Guide for Independent Contractors in Canada
With at least 1.8 million Canadians in temporary and contract employment, our in-depth primer was created to explain what you need to know if you currently work as an independent contractor or are consider becoming one.

An In-Depth Guide to Personal Health Spending Plans (PHSPs)

Learn how you can use business dollars rather than after-tax dollars to pay for healthcare expenses using Personal Health Savings Plans (PHSPs) and Health Spending Accounts.

A Guide to Expense Deductions in Your Canadian Business
The federal government's rules for tax deductions for businesses are not always clear-cut. Here, we help you navigate around some of the stickier ones.

Raising Money in Canada

Equity Financing: Understanding Venture Capital
Discover the ins and outs of venture capital investments, and learn how this form of financing could potentially powerdrive your business.

Understanding the Angels - An in-depth look at angel financing
Angel investors: they may seem like a god-send, but what does it take to reach a deal? And what are some of the things that one can expect after a deal is signed? Read on to find out what it takes to reach a winning deal.

Business Sense - Starting a Business, Need money? Be Careful Where You Get It.
Caution is the name of the game when it comes to venture capital. This month Paul Adams takes a look at angel investing.

Understanding the Bankers' Formula
How can you improve the odds of securing credit from a bank? In this article we look at factors that affect your ability to secure debt financing.

Understanding the Bankers' Formula Part II: Learning From Your Mistakes
It's true, there are common balance sheet mistakes that bankers see over and over again. How can you get an edge when applying for a loan or line of credit? You can start by understanding and avoiding the most common mistakes that get credit applications rejected.

Financing Your Business
Basic steps to complete before investigating financing options for your small business.

Financial Ratios Revisited
Look at the ratios most commonly used by the bank to assess your credit application.

Access-2-Capital – An Ongoing Workshop for Canadian Businesses
This ongoing workshop targeting small businesses in Canada will outline those options as we look at both traditional and non-traditional sources of financing that are available to Canadian companies.

Award Programs: Alternative Sources of Financing
What do you do when you need additional cash to start or grow your business? Many entrepreneurs automatically turn to the banks, but this may not be the best - or even a viable - financing solution. Fortunately, alternative sources of financing do exist, with awards programs being one example.

Grants and Loans for Young Entrepreneurs in Canada
Accessing capitals can be a frustrating process for young entrepreneurs with a great idea, but little chance of securing a traditional loan. This article lists grant and loan programs for young Canadian business owners.

Writing an Effective Business Plan
Need to write a winning business plan? This article will teach you how to do just that.

Managing Money

Financial Glossary

Steps to Survival - Step Two: Be a Miser! Hoard every Dollar!
Paul Adams looks at how to conserve your cash without taking on more debt.

Ten Ways to Think Money-Smart
Ten tips designed to help you handle your money.

Some Entrepreneurs Lack Financial Skills
If you are in business, you need to read and understand your financial score sheets your income statement and balance sheet- the basic money documents of business, entrepreneurship and capitalism.

Current Equity Report: Short Cut To Financial Statements
This simple calculation is a handy way to tell if your business is making money.

Employees and Profits: How to Increase the Bottom Line
Keeping your employees happy has a direct impact on your profits. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they will be to work hard and use their time well. The key to this happiness is a simple two step process that you will find here.

Bookkeeping...Why Bother?
Despite the hassels there are many excellent reasons to make bookkeeping a priority. Read on to find out why you should not procrastinate when it comes to keeping your company's accounts.

Accounting 101: Balance Sheet Basics
If owners equity calculations send your head spinning, read on for a clear understanding of balance sheet basics for small business owners.

Cash Flow: The Lifeblood of Every Small Business
Connie Certusi from Sage Small Business Accounting Solutions suggests ways to properly set up cash flow for small businesses.

Collecting Your Money

It Isn't Over Till You Get Your Money
In business, if you can't collect, you won't survive. In his latest column, author and business guru Paul Adams outlines important strategies that will enable you to convert your invoices into liquid assets.

There Must be 50 Ways to Collect Payments Online...
E-commerce. It's more than a buzzword. Increasingly, it's how business is conducted--with the click of a button. Paul Lima looks at many of the ways that payment can be collected on a website.

Getting Paid
How can you ensure that your customers will pay? These tips will help.

It is Rewarding to Collect a Debt
Collecting past due accounts is one of the most unpleasant tasks in business, and yet plays a major role in the achievement of financial success. Here is advice for overcoming the reluctance to collect on unpaid accounts receivable.

Buying & Selling a Business in Canada

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Business in Canada
Our free guide covers the ins and outs of buying a business, from finding a business and deciding what type of business is best for you, to determining the value of the business, negotiating with the seller, making sure your legal bases are covered, and closing the deal.

Odds and Ends

Bulletproof Your Lease Agreement
Worried about booby traps in the standard commercial lease agreement you're thinking of signing? You should be. With the help of key experts we've put together a list of questions and considerations that will help you bulletproof your business lease.

Ten Things You Must Know Before You Sign a Business Lease
Things you need to know before negotiating a business lease.

Money Resources
Search the CanadaOne business directory or resources database

Setting up a Group RRSP
As a small business, having a group RRSP for your staff is one way you can compete for and retain talent. Here is an in-depth look into how you can get one started in your business.

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