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Useful Manitoba Tax Links

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Phone Numbers

  • Taxation Division: 1-800-564-9789
  • Corporate Capital Tax Information: 1-800-782-0318 / 204-945-5603 *NOTE, as of December 2010, Corporation Capital Tax has been eliminated for all corporations except banks, trsut & loan corporations, and crown corporations
  • Tax Information for Business: (204) 986-2353
  • Retail Sales Tax: 1-800-782-0318
  • Labour Board: (204)945-3783
  • Worker's Compensation Board: TF:1-855-954-4321; 204-945-4321
  • Companies Office (Business and Corporate Inquiries Feedback): 1-888-246-8353 (in Manitoba)
  • Entrepreneurship Manitoba: 204-945-8200; TF:1-855-836-7250
  • Business InfoCentre Winnipeg: 204-984-2272; TF:1-800-655-2019

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