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About CanadaOne

CanadaOne's Corporate Bio

CanadaOne is dedicated to helping people start, run and grow successful businesses in Canada, from high-growth start-ups to home-based business owners.

We have built a library of over 900 just-in-time business articles since our launch in March 1998, to meet our mission of helping small businesses access the information they need, just as they need it. Canadaone also has a directory of over 20,000 ‘Verified Canadian’ businesses, a Canadian business events calendar and several tools to support businesses, like our financial ratios calculator.

Popular topics on the site are thinking out of the box, HR, marketing, sales, and how small companies can benefit from emerging technologies. The founders, Julie King and Kevin Jackson, are entrepreneurs who live what they write about. The thing that distinguishes CanadaOne from other online small business sites is its narrow focus on Canadian businesses, although many of the site’s articles outside of legal, finance and HR have an appeal to an international audience.

The Founding Partners

Julie King, Managing Editor
Julie is an 'ideas' person who is driven by strategy and entrepreneurship.

Backed by a B.Sc. and with over 6 years of experience on the Net, Julie has been able to apply her understanding of the Internet community to the development of the CanadaOne website. Her ability to 'see around corners' keeps her constantly looking forward with theories about where the Internet is going as a medium. In addition, her work and consultation within the small business community has enabled her to understand and meet the needs of this community.

Kevin Jackson, Webmaster

Kevin is the guy that builds the team and makes things work.
His many achievements include 10 years experience in the food packaging industry including service and plant management, a college degree in Marine Mechanical Engineering, and a strong understanding of technology. Where Julie injects vision and direction into the company, Kevin is the person that makes it all happen. His solid track records in team building and project management enable him to meet CanadaOne's goals successfully.