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At CanadaOne we are always looking for new thought leaders to share your expertise and views on topics relevant to the start-up and growth of small and mid-sized companies in Canada.

We are very selective in who we allow to contribute to the site and over the past 16+ years have had the pleasure of sharing ideas and opinions from a diverse group of Canadian experts and thought leaders.

CanadaOne is an excellent place to demonstrate your expertise, connect with other business owners, and gain exposure for your work. Past contributors have enjoyed many successes as a direct result of their contributions, and a number of our contributors have been interviewed by other media as a direct result of their article(s) on CanadaOne.Com. We know that interviews and stories have been picked up by the National Post, CBC’s “As It Happens” radio show, a business radio station in Windsor, a Yukon based newspaper, and others.

Michael Rock, a professor and entrepreneur based in Unionville who specializes in Emotional Intelligence (EQi) training for businesses, explains the benefits he’s experienced as a contributor to CanadaOne:

“The reason I’m going to California is that people read my EQ articles on CanadaOne,” says Rock. “CanadaOne drives my business traffic. I’ve had people contact me from the US, Malaysia, Ireland, and Canada.”

Dr. Michael Rock

We will not accept articles that are self-promotional for publication; however, a well-crafted submission can have direct business benefits. Your byline can be a very effective way to promote business and gain recognition as an expert in your field.

If you are interested in writing for CanadaOne, please use our feedback form to send us a short brief outlining your areas of expertise, the topics you think would be relevant to our audience and include samples of your writing.

Canadian, Eh!

For over 15 years CanadaOne has helped Canadian businesses start-up and grow. All of the content on our site is created to help busineses get Canadian answers!

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