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Saving Lives vs Saving the Economy: Getting This Wrong Could be Devastating

By Julie King | April 20th, 2020

Many are asking, what is worse, the treatment or the cure as Covid-19 continues to devastate economies around the globe. This is an answer we cannot afford to get wrong and it is critical that we don't fall prey to converse errors as we weigh our options.

Covid-19 Grant and Loan Programs for Canadian Small Businesses

By CO Staff | March 17th, 2020

In this live article we will be posting information on different financial assistance program, including grant and loan programs for Canadian small businesses, as information becomes available.

Covid-19 Small Business Survival Guide

By Julie King | March 11th, 2020

If you are running a small business in Canada, you are probably wondering how this will impact your business. This guide is designed to help Canadian small businesses get critical answer on an ongoing basis as this pandemic unfolds.

Tax Simplification Suggestions

By Jason Fleming CPA, CA, M.Acc | October 16th, 2019

This article contains suggestions to simplify and improve our tax system. Hopefully our political leaders will wake up to the fact that our tax system is too complicated and needs to be simplified.

Ontario's New Employment Laws: What Small Businesses Need to Know

By Julie King | January 26th, 2018

Find out how Ontario's new, sweeping employment law changes will impact your small business.

Purchasing Industrial Equipment: Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI)

By Julie King | March 13th, 2017

When does your investment in equipment start to earn you a profit? Keep reading to find out...

Five Best Canadian Cities for Startups

By Carolyn Andreason | February 3rd, 2017

Curious about which cities made the list? Keep reading to find out...

Buying a Commercial Building: Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

By Shajitha Rajavickneswaran | January 23rd, 2017

Looking to buy a commercial building but feeling overwhelmed? Understand the costs to prepare for through this 3 step breakdown.

Buying a Commercial Building: Financing Options

By Shajitha Rajavickneswaran | December 19th, 2016

Thinking of buying commercial real estate? This in-depth guide will help you get started!

Amber Mac: Dot-Com Pioneer Turns US Experience into a Canadian Success Story

By Shajitha Rajavickneswaran | November 15th, 2016

When Amber Mac was studying Journalism in the early 90’s out in the East Coast, little did she know she would one day become one of Canada’s most well-known tech journalists.

Budget 2016: Broken Promises, Nothing for Small Business

By Julie King | March 23rd, 2016

Yesterday's budget broke the promise the Liberal government made to keep in place the previous government's plan to reduce the small business tax rate to 9 per cent over three years and also failed to include a single item to directly support small businesses. So just what is in Budget 2016 for Canadian small businesses?

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Tools Key to Generating Awareness of Your Company

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. With these quick tips from Zunaid Khan, you can make sure people know about your company and that you mean business.

Conversations with Entrepreneurs: David Beron of Rab Design Lighting

In this installment of conversations with entrepreneurs we spoke with David Beron, president of Rab Design Lighting, to find out how his company has managed to shore up business during the economic recession.

Conversation with Yahoo! Canada's National Marketing Manager

Maor Daniels is the National Marketing Manager for Yahoo! Canada. We interviewed him to gain insights into search marketing and to find out what online trends small business owners should pay attention to in the year ahead.

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