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Marketing Biz: Once You're Up And Running

By CO Staff @canadaone |


In this second installment, we asked Jay Levinson about marketing an established business.

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Page 1: Getting Started on a Shoestring
Page 2: Once You're Up And Running
Page 3: Keeping Abreast

Page 2: Once You're Up And Running

CO What are some of the biggest marketing mistakes that established businesses (2+ years in business) make?

Abandoning a marketing campaign, changing a theme line or logo, failing to follow-up, and not tapping the enormous referral power of existing customers.

CO What is the most important information that an established business must have before it can design an effective marketing strategy?

First comes learning what their customers want. Next comes determining their most powerful competitive advantage. And then comes learning which media will work best for them. Of course, it's also always important to see what the competitors are doing, especially the leaders.

CO For a business coming out of the start-up stage that is looking to solidify their marketing efforts, what would you recommend?

I'd strongly suggest learning about each customer so that you can learn to find others just like them. But complete commitment to a plan is the most important thing they can do.

CO What are some of the most effective marketing messages that small businesses have used to set themselves apart from their competition and to generate business?

Personal and caring service heads the list. Truly personalized marketing is the most powerful of all. The five main reasons people patronize businesses are, in order: confidence in the business, quality, service, selection and price.

CO As a small business owner hires staff to take over the marketing efforts of the company, what are some of the key challenges he/she will face? How can the entrepreneur minimize these problems?

The main challenge is to use restraint in changing the marketing message. Then comes infusing the staff with the same passion and vision as the owner possesses. These problems can be overcome by hiring staff for their attitude more than their aptitude.

CO Should small business worry about branding themselves, or is that a strategy that works better for big businesses?

It works for all businesses, large and small. Even new businesses should strive to establish a clear identity so that they can make their name a brand name.

Page 1: Getting Started on a Shoestring
Page 2: Once You're Up And Running
Page 3: Keeping Abreast

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