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Marketing Biz: Keeping Abreast

By CO Staff @canadaone |

If you had the ear of a leading marketing guru, what questions who you ask? We were recently fortunate enough to have this opportunity, as we interviewed Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing.

We have divided the interview, and Jay's replies, into three parts. In this final installment, Jay answers our questions about trends and keeping abreast of evolving marketing techniques.

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Page 1: Getting Started on a Shoestring
Page 2: Once You're Up And Running
Page 3: Keeping Abreast

Page 3: Keeping Abreast

CO What should an entrepreneur be prepared to spend to market their products via the Internet? What online marketing methods have you found to be the most effective?

The most effective is having a website then promoting it offline. Whatever amount an entrepreneur decides to invest in online marketing, one-third should be devoted to developing it, one-third to promoting it, and one-third to maintaining it. Online marketing only helps if you understand marketing. The best way to do that is by using personalization, speedy responses, and rich, lush content that is continually kept fresh.

CO What are some of the biggest marketing mistakes entrepreneurs make?

Failure to commit to a plan is easily the biggest. Failure to have a plan comes next. Not following up comes in a close third.

CO The Internet has heavily promoted a front-end/back-end model of giving something away for free to make money in another area. Is this an effective technique? What recommendations - and cautions - would you have for entrepreneurs about using this marketing strategy?

I would urge them to be as generous as possible—realizing that "free" is the most powerful word in marketing.

CO What, in your opinion, is the most commonly used form of advertising that is the least effective?

I'd have to say it is a tie between television and having a website. TV is a visual medium and you must tell your story visually. Most businesses don't. And a website is an interactive medium. Most businesses treat it like a TV spot.

CO What do you think sets smart marketers apart from the masses?

They have realistic expectations, do not expect miracles, and have an abundance of patience....crucial for marketing to work.

Page 1: Getting Started on a Shoestring
Page 2: Once You're Up And Running
Page 3: Keeping Abreast

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