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Event Details

Future Festival

September  27 - 29, 2017    Toronto, ON
Trend Hunter's Future Festival is a top-tier innovation conference where more than 500 like-minded innovators come together to prototype their future. At our three-day marquee event in Toronto, attendees experience next year's trends from the #1 trend firm, while prototyping 5-10 disruptive ideas using the same award-winning innovation workshops innovation keynote speaker & CEO Jeremy Gutsche has used to help NASA prototype the journey to Mars. Overall, 98% stated that they plan to attend next year and 85% rated it as the best conference they have ever attended. To learn more about our event please visit the Future Festival website - You can also learn more about Trend Hunter and the services we offer by visiting our site -
Cost:$899 (Client Early-Bird)
Hosted by:Trend Hunter