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Elaine Sambugaro

Elaine Sambugaro is a staff writer with CanadaOne.Com.

Articles by Elaine Sambugaro

Bulletproof Your Lease Agreement

August 31st, 2001

Worried about booby traps in the standard commercial lease agreement you're thinking of signing? You should be. With the help of key experts we've put together a list of questions and considerations that will help you bulletproof your business lease.

Tips to help you make those cold calls easier

July 31st, 2001

Most of us hate cold calling, so this month we've compiled a list of sales and marketing tips that will make it easier to get around the awkward first moment and make your cold calls easier.

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce: Where culture and business meet

June 30th, 2001

Read on to find out how this business association merges mentoring programs, educational seminars and high-profile networking events to help entrepreneurs become successful.

From Student-Painter to Franchise Magnate

June 30th, 2001

Franchising has been a lucrative business for 45-year old Steve Rogers. Find out how he hurdled over barriers to establish what's become a $600 million enterprise.

Association Profile: CIBPA (Canadian-Italian Business and Professional Association)

May 31st, 2001

Building Partnerships: Check out what the Canadian-Italian Business and Professional Association can do for your SME.