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Ellen Samiec

Ellen Samiec, the president of Breakthrough Coaching, is a personal and professional coach and trainer for individuals and organizations. Her expertise is in coaching business professionals in achieving greater success while reducing their stress. Based in Toronto, Ellen works with entrepreneurs, business owners and executives across Canada, in the USA and in Australia, to help them take their business to the next level by increasing their effectiveness and simplifying their business and personal lives. Ellen can be reached at (416) 410-4477 or or visit

Articles by Ellen Samiec

Seven Ways to Have a 'Stress-Less' Holiday Season

November 30th, 1999

Seven tips to help you reduce stress while balancing your business and your personal life during the holiday season.

Motivate Your Team - Focus On The Individual

August 31st, 0000

How do you put people together into a team that can become greater than the sum of its parts? Ellen Samiec says you focus on the individual and she shows us how in this article!