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Jody Hornor

Jody Hornor has 30 years experience in marketing and consults and speaks on the topic all over North America. Author of several marketing books and tapes, Jody's philosophy is to use strategies that produce quantifiable results in every area of sales and marketing, helping organizations constantly improve their marketing performance.

Articles by Jody Hornor

How To Create a Follow-up System

April 30th, 2001

Want to increase the effectiveness of your follow-up system? The tips and worksheet in this article will help!

Want Sales to Jump 19.5 TIMES -- Without Spending More?

February 28th, 2001

How can you get more sales, for fewer dollars? In this article Jody Horner explains the power of testing, and how it can bring in more business for your company.

Why is it so Hard to Buy?

January 31st, 2001

With a $400,000 budget and ready to buy, Jody Horner was surprised by how willing companies were to drive her business away. Read on to find out how something as simple as a little help can make the difference between a sale and a 'see-you-later'.

Effective Follow-up Will Make Your Sales Soar

December 31st, 2000

Want to increase sales and stay ahead of your competitors? Here's how an effective follow-up system can help you do just that!