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Peter Urs Bender

Peter Urs Bender was one of Canada's most dynamic and entertaining business speakers. He was the author of five best-selling business books: Leadership from Within, Secrets of Power Presentations, Secrets of Power Marketing, Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication, and Gutfeeling. To read excerpts from his books visit

Articles by Peter Urs Bender

Marketing ... Nothing is Difficult About It Just get the right system and PERSEVERE

October 31st, 2003

Marketing is about how you present yourself and your business to the world. And that message is the key for anyone who needs a marketing program. Marketing requires a systematic approach.

The Art of Shaking Hands

September 30th, 2003

What's in a handshake? There are three main conventions ...

Trust: The Intangible that Builds Empires

April 30th, 2003

In today's uncertain economy it can be difficult to establish trust with partners, clients, and employees. Peter Urs Bender offers tips on how you can build successful business relationships with trust.

Does Voicemail Drive you Crazy?

January 31st, 2003

Love it or hate it voicemail is here to stay. Peter Urs Bender tells you how you can deal with it.

What Will You Have on Your Tombstone?

August 31st, 2002

Your tombstone is like your final mission statement. Peter Urs Bender encourages us to think about what our parting words should be.

Gutfeeling - the new kid in the boardroom

June 30th, 2002

Times are changing, how will you keep up? Read on to find out how great leaders learned to rely on their instincts.