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Steve Bareham

Steve Bareham is a business instructor in the Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Department, Selkirk College, Nelson, B.C., and the author of several books that deal with critical thinking, marketing, and retirement planning. He can be reached at

Articles by Steve Bareham

Key Questions to Ask Before Writing & Before Testing Advertising Copy

January 31st, 2002

You know you have a great product. How can you write good advertising copy to convince your customers of the same thing? Read on to find out.

Make Your Point Powerfully

September 30th, 2001

Good presentation skills are learned, not genetic, and each of us, if we take the time, can learn to use a system that can supercharge our ability to make points.

7 Words to Guide Your Thinking ..

July 31st, 2000

Constructive, Comprehensive, Creative, Connective, Candid, Critical, and Correct .. discover how these 7 C's can help you hone your thinking skills.

Training Dichotomy Hampers Competitive Edge - All Canadians Need More HOT Skills

May 31st, 2000

When it comes to typical perspectives on employee training, a change of approach may be the needed next step.

Planning to Fail Can Spell Success

September 1st, 1999

Knowing the common causes of failure is vital, but it is equally important that we know how to take steps to prevent them from happening to us; a planning to fail process can be extremely instructive.