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Sharif Khan

Sharif Khan is a speaker, writer, coach, and author of Psychology of the Hero Soul, an inspirational book on awakening the hero within and developing people’s leadership potential. For more information, visit Khan can be reached directly at Tel: 416-417-1259 or Email:

Articles by Sharif Khan

Key to Success: 10 Success Tips for Maximum Achievement

June 30th, 2006

Don't set aside greatness because it is easier to accept merely being good or mediocre! These tips will help you reshape your life so that you can focus on being great - and enjoying the success that comes with it.

Interview with Steven Covey

December 31st, 2005

A hero to millions, Dr. Covey is known the world over for his landmark work around helping people take profound ideas, philosophies, and principles and distilling them into easy-to-use daily habits that anyone can apply. Here is what Sharif Khan learned in his recent interview with Dr. Covey.

Breakfast of Failures

May 31st, 2005

Are you afraid of failing? Before you give up, consider the suprising failures some of the most famous people in history.

Leadership Lessons from Pope John Paul II

April 30th, 2005

What leadership lessons can we learn from this global spiritual leader who so moved the world? In this article Sharif Khan takes us through a brief timeline snap-shot of Karol Josef Wojtyla’s exemplary leadership.

The Chief Cause of Business Failure & Success

August 31st, 2004

You've worked hard to get your business started, now keep it stable growing by avoiding these all-too common pitfalls of new start-ups. We've got four reasons why businesses fail--And how you can keep your business from becoming another statistic.

Awaken the Leader Within You Ten easy steps to developing your leadership skills

October 31st, 2003

Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Here are ten easy steps that will help you awaken the leader in you and rekindle your passion for greatness.