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Jeff Mowatt

Jeff Mowatt knows the art of influence. Employees serving customers; colleagues promoting ideas; human beings in relationship – all seek to exercise influence. Too often, that means high pressure sales pitches and clumsy one-liners. When barriers arise, the response is artless talk instead of artful influence – or people just give up. Disarm the barriers which so often block results! Learn with Jeff the tools of influence with ease.

Jeff Mowatt is a master of the fine points of human interaction. A dynamic student of his experience, Jeff has "exercised influence" as a marketing director, martial artist, columnist, and corporate president. His stories are vivid and engaging. Audiences laugh easy and often – and people learn.

An international speaker and trainer, Jeff brings over 20 years of successful influence experience to his programs and clients. He has served as National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and as Senior Director of the International Federation for Professional Speakers. Jeff is a popular media commentator on the art of client service.

Every encounter with another human being is an opportunity to add to, or subtract from, our sense of community and cooperation. Why settle for cynicism, detachment, and mediocre results – in our market place, in our workplace, in our connections with others? Why try to communicate through resistance and barriers? Success almost always requires that we convince someone of something. Exercise influence – with ease – for results.

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