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Attention all editors and Journalists interested in radicalization, extremism, terrorism

Calgary Mom Chris Boudreau to Speak at Seminar on Extremism and Radicalization

Toronto, Ontario, Nov 25, 2014 -- The Islamic Institute of Toronto (II T) will be hosting a Seminar and Panel Discussion on Extremism and Radicalization at 1630 Neilson Road, Scarborough on Saturday November 29 at 5pm. Speakers at this Seminar will include: Abdool Hamid. Hamid Slimi and Shahina Siddiqui of Manitoba. In addition, Chris Boudreau – the mother of a Canadian youth killed in Syria will address the gathering and share her personal experience with the impact of radicalization.

Abdool Hamid, a Resident Scholar at the IIT and Dr. Hamid Slimi, the Imam at the Syeda Khadija Centre in Mississauga will discuss terrorism from a Quran’ic perspective and address the global impact of radicalization. The seminar will also address related community and media perspectives and responses.

The IIT is committed to working with other local and international organizations to fight extremism/terrorism and prevent the radicalization of our young people. “Muslims living in Canada have an obligation to speak up against the radicalization of our young people and perpetuating violence in the name of Islam” said Abdool Hamid.

For more information, contact: Mohamed Khadim, Director of Education at


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