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Fan is Braving a Life Threatening Illness

Calgary AB, Dec 1, 2014 -- Mike Chan, a local Calgarian will attend the Flames vs. Avalanche hockey game as part of an event put on by Front Row Foundation Canada. Mike is facing his second encounter with cancer in the last 10 years and is a raving fan of Jarome Iginla dating back to his many years playing for the Calgary Flames. Not only will he attend the game but he will also have a personal meet and greet with his hero, Jarome Iginla himself. This event has been made possible by student sales representatives from Vector Marketing Canada Corporation, the exclusive Canadian marketer of Cutco Cutlery Corporation, who raised $8,187.32 this past July The Front Row Foundation's mission "is to help individuals and families who are braving critical health challenges experience life in the front row." The goal is reached by providing front row seats to concerts, sporting events and live performances of the recipients’ choice. Cutco Cutlery Corporation is the largest manufacturer and single-level direct seller of kitchen cutlery in North America.

During the first two weeks of July, the Vector Marketing Canada sales representatives in Western Canada raised the donations from their Cutco clients as well as many of them personally donating percentages of their sales over the two week period. These funds have helped purchase tickets, hotels and memorabilia of the event for Mike and his family to remember the experience for years to come.

“This is a unique endeavor that is teaching young business people how entrepreneurs can give back and the importance of philanthropy. It is an important lesson as these university and college students prepare for careers and to become business and community leaders,” said Angie Macdougall, Western Area Manager for Vector Marketing Canada

About The Front Row Foundation

Front Row Foundation was born in a community of close-knit family and friends who wanted to make a difference for those braving critical health challenges. Front Row volunteers do what they do because of their deep belief in the healing powers of the mind and its immeasurable ability to nourish the human spirit. It is our belief that a group of people united in passion and common purpose can have the power to provide life changing moments for others in need, and transform the quality of their life.

For those who are facing critical health issues, any positive experience, especially those that involve their favorite team or musician, can be a life-changing experience. Our dream is to provide a Front Row experience that will allow individuals to set aside any physical or emotional challenges while they celebrate the beauty and emotional energy of life. For more information, visit


About Cutco Cutlery Corporation and Vector Marketing Canada Founded in 1949, Cutco Cutlery Corporation is the largest manufacturer and single-level direct seller of high-end kitchen cutlery in North America. Vector Marketing Canada Corporation, headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, is the exclusive Canadian marketer of Cutco Cutlery and accessories, which are sold directly to consumers via in-home demonstrations. For more information, visit