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Nature Stone flooring comes to Vancouver Island, Offers beauty and relief.

Vancouver Island, BC, Dec 10, 2014 -- A new type of flooring has arrived on Vancouver Island. DNL Creative Resources Ltd. is excited to bring a beautiful stone and epoxy flooring system that beautifies concrete spaces with an extremely durable product. Nature Stone and OCR Products is based out of Cleveland Ohio and has established itself as the top epoxy and stone flooring company in North America. This coming year will mark the 25th Anniversary of Nature Stone. And now DNL Creative Resources Ltd. of Parksville, BC has become the dealer to bring the product to Vancouver Island.

Nature Stone uses a patent pending two part epoxy that is formulated to resist and inhibit mold and mildew, withstand UV rays, and give fantastic strength all with a beautiful clear look. The epoxy is mixed with natural river rock stone and then troweled down over concrete surfaces. No VOCs are given off during the 24 hour cure time, and the result is an extremely durable, environmentally friendly and beautiful flooring system that can be applied indoors and outdoors. Residential or commercial spaces are both enhanced by benefits such as an r-value better than carpet, ability to withstand 8000psi, a porous surface which deadens sound and allows concrete to breathe, reduces allergens, resists mold and mildew, can be flooded multiple times without damage, easy to clean and well warrantied.

The fall and spring time can be a damaging time for people with water issues in basements, garages and even ground level condos or homes. Nature Stone flooring offers a great solution to never have to replace your carpet, hardwood, or lino again. Definitely a great new flooring option to consider.

To find out more about the product with price point between tile and hardwood, visit the DNL website at or give them a call at 250-947-0001. Insurance and restoration companies can also reach DNL Creative Resources Ltd. directly through same contact methods to setup an onsite consultation.


DNL Creative Resources Ltd. is run locally in Parksville, BC by Derek and Lynne Rogers who recently moved back to BC after an 18 year adventure in Saskatchewan. After seeing the benefits and beauty of Nature Stone there and becoming customers themselves, they are excited to bring the product here. Parksville was chosen as the location to plant the business giving the advantage of easy access to a large portion of Vancouver Island from Victoria to Courtney/Comox and beyond.