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Bolton, ON, Jun 3, 2015 -- A new a monthly online social media brand monitoring service by JG Lea Web Design and Marketing will help companies stay on top of what is being said about a particular company or industry online. These tools will empower companies and organizations with the tools needed to protect the brands they have built and create the peace of mind in knowing that they are able to address any concerns with clients as they come up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media.

"Some companies question whether they should put the time and effort into knowing what is said about them online," notes Janice Guadagno, president of JG Lea Web Design and Marketing. "We believe strongly that you should."

There are a number of compelling reasons to monitor what is being said about a brand.

"Your brand is a priceless commodity that takes a lot of hard work to build up," explains Guadagno. It is your reputation and your consistent promise to deliver well on a product or service on an ongoing basis. It needs to be nurtured and reinforced throughout your own actions as well as your marketing materials. From your website to the mailer that you have created, it is essential that it all speaks to your business, and ultimately to who you are as a person."

Why Social Monitoring Matters & Brand Insights

Everything speaks to your brand including:

  1. The copy you choose to write.
  2. Your logo.
  3. Images you choose in marketing materials.
  4. Social media interactions.

How you represent yourself.

Some people get confused with the idea that your personality is intimately intertwined with your brand, but it is. How you treat people and your integrity speaks not only to yourself but also to whether you can be trusted in a business transaction and environment. Will you add something constructive and positive to a business experience or will you undermine the ultimate goals of your client or company due to negativity and little regard for others? You cannot ‘clock out’ when it comes to building a brand. It is more than understanding and fulfilling the needs of your target market. It is empathizing with their challenges and trying to find ways for them to navigate the sometimes tulmultuous waters of change. You need to understand their needs and truly want to help them in the industry that you are in. So, yes your brand represents you. A good brand is also:

  1. Immediately recognizable in a positive way.
  2. Is trusted!
  3. Has all employees engaged and onboard.
  4. Creates a consistent product or service.
  5. Touches an emotional button.
  6. Sets itself apart from the pack.
  7. Forges new paths (in service and product).
  8. Engages in corporate social responsibility.
  9. Has their eye to the future and not just on their competitor.

The time that goes into creating a brand and the strong relationships that it is contingent upon are enormous. That is why it needs to be nurtured and guarded at all times. The mistake that most companies make is ignoring the online community and going about business as usual. Typically, they are thinking ahead to the next product, service and campaign, as opposed to thinking about what is happening around them, online, on an ongoing basis. Whether you decide to become part of the conversation or not, the conversation is still happening. It is far more effective to take part in it than it is to stick your head in the sand and go about business as usual. Business is not navigating around the usual. It is expanding and finding new frontiers of engagement that we could not have imagined even 10 years ago. It is truly incredible to consider the social media resources that are at our disposal, and these resources are proving to be a tool to empower the consumer. Frankly, why shouldn’t the consumer be empowered? Companies have been known to stretch the truth, and frankly, out and out lie. Now people are beginning to finally have a platform to speak of their experiences and grievances with the companies they have dealt with. It truly comes down to their vote, and their vote is happening everyday on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and a wealth of other social media tools. This is why it is essential to monitor what is being said about your company. It is far more cost effective and efficient to stay plugged in to the online conversations and deal with any issues that arise, than it is to move on to your next campaign.

For further information about Brand Monitoring contact Janice Guadagno at JG Lea Web Design and Marketing.


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