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REGINA, Dec 21, 2016 -- Canadian Home Design firm Robinson Residential Design recently took part in the 2nd Annual Tiny House Jamboree held in Colorado Springs. The Jamboree was one of the largest Tiny House events to take place in 2016 with over 50 tiny homes exhibited.

Event organizer Coles Whalen explains, "We were so happy to have Robinson Residential as one of our featured builders." They bring a unique design approach to their Tiny House projects that we don't see in many tiny homes.

The Tiny House Jamboree event features many of the nation's best tiny house builders and showcases the latest products and innovations in the new booming Tiny House movement.

"This type of an event is the perfect opportunity for us to show off our design capabilities and is a lot of fun to be a part of as well," says John Robinson, Principal Designer and Partner at Robinson Residential. "We get to see how well our designs are received and get first hand input from our actual market," Robinson adds.

The HGTV show, "Journey to the Tiny House Jamboree" highlights three of the homes showcased at the Jamboree including the Tiny House designed by Robinson Residential. "We were excited to have one of our designs featured on the HGTV show," John Robinson adds, "it just helps get the word out to more people and lets people know the kind of fresh innovation you can have with a Tiny House design."

Robinson aptly named their tiny house the Dragonfly, as the two folding decks look like dragonfly wings. The decks greatly increase the living space of the 160 sq. ft. home and fold up to protect the patio doors while travelling. Another unique feature of their home is the amount of light. With two skylights, two patio doors, a large living room window and two opening kitchen windows, their tiny house seems larger and more airy than most. There are many unique features inside including a hidden staircase which doubles as storage and a pull-out table. The outside is very attractive, making use of wood and corrugated metal to create a contemporary look.

The HGTV broadcast featuring the Dragonfly will be aired January 1, 2017 at 2:00 pm CST.

For more information please email Janet Robinson at; visit the company's website at or call 1-877-352-6617.


Robinson Residential Design Inc is a home design and drafting company who provide creative designs and high quality blueprints to homeowners and builders through customer design as well as a proprietary stock plan collection. The company's focus is on "personalizing home design" and since 1996 has helped many individuals and families design the home that best reflects their unique lifestyle. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, they have been featured on the Canadian HGTV show, Sarah's Farmhouse, but this is their first time on American HGTV.