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Attention Business Editors

Oakville, On, Oct 20, 2014 -- Canada's Queen of Networking Donna Messer is sharing her secrets to success in a new book! According to Donna it's time we re-cycled! She suggests that we need to consider backtracking, going back to where we've been, and reconnecting with who we know and what worked for us in the past. Donna was "Canada's First Spice Girl" and has an incredible story to share. She developed the blend of spices to add to sour cream, creating Canada's first "chip dip." She adds a little spice to anyone's life - all they need to do is read the book and follow her recipe for success. Her book is "Cycles of Life, Keeping You on Track". In the book she takes the reader back in time to revisit and recycle the many success stories in her life.

Donna is a story teller, and she weaves life lessons throughout the book, sharing the highs, the lows and the in-betweens that have made her one of Canada's most respected entrepreneurs. The book was written because people kept asking her how she could possible achieve all the visibility, credibility and success that she has. Cycles, is a record of Donna's journey through life, it's what she's learned with timely tips and strategies scattered throughout.

Donna holds herself and her clients accountable. She often bridges the gap to success by teaching people how to set clear, realistic goals that can be measured. She is a Connector, and according to statistics, she is someone everyone needs to know!

To connect with Donna Messer and spice up your life - call 905-337-9578. Visit the website at