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An innovative and free solution

Toronto, May 15, 2018 -- Last January, CodeSpark, a Montreal-based award-winning digital agency, launched the ClickLawyer platform, the only business opportunities marketplace for Canadian law practitioners looking to grow their clientele. It’s no secret that finding a lawyer can be very challenging, as well as there being so many areas of practices and lawyers. How do you find the right one, the rare gem that will meet one’s specific needs and preferences?

Maxime Armstrong and François Painchaud, co-founders of CodeSpark, have found the solution and created the platform, a first of its kind in Canada. Just a few clicks are enough to connect lawyers and individuals looking for specific services. The best thing of all, the service is completely free for the consumer.

ClickLawyer is a fast and user-friendly solution based on CodeSpark’s many years of experience in digital marketing. François Painchaud, co-founder, and president at CodeSpark explained: “ We’ve been doing web marketing for many years, especially in the legal industry. This is the kind of project we develop for various clients operating in a wide variety of industries. We wanted to offer a user-friendly tool to lawyers and individuals seeking legal advice” The applicant is first asked to complete a form on the platform explaining the reasons for his or her request: formal notice, commercial dispute, etc. This application is then anonymously and confidentially transmitted to a large network of lawyers whose records and certifications have been carefully verified. Within 24 hours, the applicant receives calls from professionals handpicked according to his needs and his localization. The applicants can request to speak with up to 3 lawyers.

This lawyer referral service is completely free for applicants. Only the attorney’s fees are to be discussed between the two parties. “We know that looking for a lawyer takes time and often, as not everyone is familiar with the legal environment, it can be difficult to find the right professional. We wanted to propose an alternative available to everyone” said Maxime Armstrong, co-founder and VP Business Development at CodeSpark. ClickLawyer commits to achieving the highest standards of security and ensures the confidentiality of the information of its users. In order to offer higher quality services, ClickLawyer's agents carefully analyze the profile of each lawyer to select only those who are highly qualified. The ClickLawyer database covers various fields of law practice such as business law, real estate law, commercial law, labor law and family law to name a few. A follow-up email concludes the agreement.


ClickLawyer is an innovative solution, free and accessible to all. The platform offers matchmaking services between people & corporations looking for a legal professional and qualified lawyers whose expertise matches their precise needs. With its large and highly qualified network, ClickLawyer will meet the most demanding requests.