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Effectiveness, not money key driver in lifelong learning

By CO Staff @canadaone |

A new survey, Canadian Attitudes toward Learning, found that the vast majority of Canadian adults feel there is a strong relationship between education and success in life.

Over 80% of adult Canadians believe that it is not just formal education that is critical to success; learning during each specific stage from birth to age five, and through the elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels is also important.

Sponsored by the Canadian Council on Learning, the survey asked more than 5,000 adults about four aspects of learning throughout the lifespan: early childhood learning, structured learning (elementary, secondary and postsecondary), work-related learning, and health and learning.

In the workplace, positive academic experiences in elementary and secondary schools meant the employee was far more likely to participate in work-related training, one of the facets of lifelong learning.

Effectiveness at work, not money, was the main learning driver. Over two-thirds of Canadians who participated in work-related training in the last year said they did so to perform more effectively in their jobs. Only about one-third indicated that they underwent work-related training to earn more money or to get a better job.

What creates lifelong learners in the workplace?

Results showed that Canadians believe in fostering positive learning experiences in early childhood and in promoting a love of learning in schools. Parents of young children supported fostering positive attitudes about learning during early childhood, even more strongly than preparing children for learning in school.

The Canadian Council on Learning has prepared a report containing further conclusions based on the data. The report is available online (

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