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Looking for a job, don't forget the cover letter

By Mario Cywinski |

If you are a business executive and think that a good cover letter is vital in determining the right candidates for a job, you are not alone.

Over 90 per cent of Canadian executives believe that a cover letter helps in evaluating who should be asked for an interview, according to a new study from OfficeTeam.

Of these, 27 per cent believe a cover letter is very valuable and 66 per cent think it is somewhat valuable in choosing a candidate.

"Submitting a resume without a cover letter is like not shaking hands when meeting someone for the first time," said Dave Willmer, executive director of OfficeTeam. "Those who aren't including cover letters with their resumes are missing an opportunity to make a good first impression and set themselves apart from other job applicants."

What this means today, is making sure to send a cover letter, when applying for a job online or through email, as 87 per cent of managers receive resumes electronically with a cover letter.

"A cover letter should demonstrate the applicant's knowledge of the company, highlight applicable skills and work experience, and explain any resume anomalies, such as extended employment gaps," Willmer added.

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