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Speed dating comes to the business world

By Mario Cywinski |

In the world of relationships, speed dating can be a good way to meet a lot of different people in a short period of time. While not everyone will be able to gel with everyone else, the potential is there.

Now imagine doing the same thing, but with young entrepreneurs trying to woo business experts instead of men and women trying to entice each other.

This is exactly what the premise is for the ISCM Money Chase: Investment Forum being held at the Angus Glen Golf and Country Club in Markham on October 23.

At the forum young entrepreneurs trying to meet potential investors will have five minutes to outline their business issues.

"Everyone's looking for the right match and entrepreneurs are no exception," said Catarina von Maydell, Director of the ISCM Investment Network.

The forum will focus on 24 young businesses that were chosen from an application process. These businesses are start ups and need investment to help their companies grow and reach their potential.

"Were talking about having small companies court with a wide range of business experts, including investors, financial consultants, specialists in banking, government grants and insurance, and many more," said von Maydell.

Ultimately, the speed dating aspect of the forum is only a small portion, the entrepreneurs will also be able to network with other business professionals and learn from the many selected presenters about how to offer a successful pitch.

In addition, the forum will feature Angel investors, who invest large sums ($50,000 to $500,000), bring industry experience and try to take an active role in any company that they help.

For those interested in the event, should visit the ISCM's website at and register for the event. Be advised that a fee of $95 applies; however, this includes both breakfast and lunch.

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