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New website promises to help find private capital

By Mario Cywinski |

For those who have been trying to acquire private money to help with their various investments, a new website may be able to help. allows users to find mortgage brokers, financial planners, lawyers, accountants and others who are a source of private money.

"Right now, private lending is becoming bigger and everyone has about five to 10 lenders that they horde," said Chad Robinson, creator of the website. "This site allows them to find the right lender for the right deal."

How does the site work?

Those who wish to find a financial deal, have to register, enter their postal code and search for lenders who are interested in that type of business venture.

On the other side of the coin, private investors search through the database and bid on applications that interest them. Interestingly, this process is 100 per cent anonymous until a deal has been reached between two parties.

At that point the investor will be charged a fee to be able to have access to the lender's contact information.

For more information on the site, visit

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