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Canadians can't leave home without their mobile phone, study finds

By Mario Cywinski |

Almost half (45 per cent) of all Canadians cannot leave their mobile phone at home when they go out, according to a new study.

When asked if they have a mobile device, 52 per cent said yes, with 50 per cent having a cell phone, eight per cent having a smart phone and six per cent having both, according to a mobile survey.

On the rise is use of the Internet on mobile devices, with 53 per cent of Canadians doing so, up 20 per cent since last year. Nearly half view same sites on mobile as at home/office. One in three use mobile device for Internet at home and 27 per cent use it during a commute.

Why do Canadians use their mobile device? Mainly to pass the time, seek information and socialize.

"With smart phones and mobile devices becoming an indispensable part of Canadians’ lives, and content becoming more relevant, useful, affordable and easier to access, the mobile Internet is ready to take off in Canada," says Brad Cressman, director of sales and marketing, Mobile.

Canadians who use mobile phones for Internet are:

  • 18-34 (47 per cent);
  • Male (54 per cent);
  • Have kids (47 per cent);
  • and 24 per cent adopted the technology early.

Why do Canadians use mobile media?

  • Makes life easier;
  • Saves money;
  • Brand information.

How do Canadians find sites on their mobile device?

  • Search engine (39 per cent);
  • Type web site in browser (31 per cent).

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