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Study: Common body language mistakes cost interviewees chance at job

By Mario Cywinski |

Imagine going into an interview and being crossed off the list for a job before you even said a word. Many interviewees make body language mistakes that hiring managers say cost them a chance at a job, according to a new study by CareerBuilder Canada.

When going on an interview, do you not make eye contact, do not smile or have bad posture? Hiring managers say those would make them less likely to hire you with 68, 45 and 37 per cent respectively, agreeing.

Other body language mistakes are:

  • Crossing arms over their chest (33 per cent);
  • Fidgeting too much in their seat (34 per cent);
  • Handshake too weak (33 per cent);
  • Playing with something on table (32 per cent);
  • Playing with hair or touching face (21 per cent).

"In a highly competitive job market, job seekers need to set themselves apart in the interview stage," said Rosemary Haefner, vice-president of human resources, CareerBuilder. "All that pressure, though, may have some job seekers making body language mistakes that don't convey a confident message. To avoid these faux pas, and ensure you're remembered for the right reasons, try practising ahead of time in front of a mirror or family and friends."

Haefner has the following tips to help interviewees at an interview:

  • Avoid nervous body language, dont rush to the interview, dont bring caffeine, and take deep breaths;
  • Practice interviewing with friends or family, and research the company you are interviewing with;
  • Tape yourself practice in front of mirror to see any body language mistake you need to fix.

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