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Canadians more secure in their jobs, poll finds

By Mario Cywinski |

Over half of Canadians are more secure in their jobs today than they were at the same time a year ago, according to a new poll.

This year, 57 per cent of Canadians feel they have more job security than last year, an 11 per cent increase; with only 29 per cent feeling less secure, down nine per cent, a survey conducted by Harris/Decima for found.

"We're seeing much higher comfort levels than we did a year ago," said Peter Gilfillan, Senior Vice President of International Sales and General Manager, Monster Canada. "Canadians are feeling more secure, and they like their jobs, although many are still a little uneasy about the economy."

Breaking the numbers down by province, we see:

  • 69 per cent of residents in Manitoba and Saskatchewan feel more secure;
  • 55 per cent of residents in Ontarians are more secure;
  • 63 per cent of Quebecers are more secure;
  • 56 per cent of Albertans feel more secure;
  • 54 per cent of Atlantic Canadians believe they are more secure;
  • and 52 per cent of those in B.C are more secure than last year.

However, not everyone is feeling so confident, 46 per cent of Canadians think Canada will go into another recession within the near year. Highest level of uneasiness about another recession are in Ontario and B.C. (52 per cent), lowest is in Manitoba and Saskatchewan (35 per cent).

One final aspect that was included in the survey was work-life balance, which is of increasing importance for employees. Over 80 per cent of Canadians would agree to a pay cut if they could have a guarantee of a job with work-life balance, with 34 per cent saying it is the most important aspect of a job.

"Work-life balance is becoming priority one for more Canadians," said John Kervin, Sociology Professor, University of Toronto. "But there’s a price, and it seems young, single workers may be the ones paying it by picking up the slack."

Single young workers aged 18 to 24 (69 per cent) believe they are asked to work nights and weekends more often than married people do.

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