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Workshops will teach new immigrants how to start a business in PEI

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Innovation PEI will run a series of eight sessions to teach new immigrants about starting and operating a business in Prince Edward Island, beginning at the end of February.

Offered in partnership with the PEI Association for Newcomers, the Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency, University of Prince Edward Island, ProfitLearn PEI, and the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce, the sessions will cover:

  • preparing a business plan;
  • taxes, laws and registration;
  • best practices for success;
  • Island organizations that assist businesses; and
  • other practical information about operating a business in Prince Edward Island.

Participation costs $273 per person (including taxes) with each session building on the material of previous sessions.

"Many of our immigrant clients owned businesses in their home country and would like to do the same in PEI," said Lisa Hill, PEIANC Employment Program Coordinator. "Training sessions like this will provide the skills and knowledge they need to move forward with business plans."

"This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are new to the province to get information about growing a business in Prince Edward Island," said Minister Campbell.

Sessions will be held in February and March. For information on registering for the program, contact Lisa Hill at, Marg Weeks at or telephone 1-800-270-4795.

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