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British Columbia gives rural residents a broadband boost

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Communities in rural British Columbia are getting connected.

Last month BC Premier Christy Clark announced that the government will be allocating $2.34 million in order to expand Internet service to citizens in over 60 small communities in rural areas.

The money being provided is the latest instalment of Network BC's Connecting Citizen's Grant Program, which since 2008 has funded almost 150 projects aimed at establishing the infrastructure necessary to support high-speed Internet in more remote areas.

So far the program has been quite successful, with around 93 per cent of British Columbians currently having access to high-speed Internet services.

"Bringing Internet access to our most rural areas is crucial for the future of our young people and their education, for the health of families and for the competitiveness of our businesses," said Premier Christy Clark.

"Not only does it help give British Columbians better access to information and opportunity, but it also brings that information closer and faster to our youngest learners."

This year alone, the province will be investing in 51 new connectivity projects, with the aim of creating new opportunities in health and education, local business development, employment and training for thousands of citizens living in rural areas of BC.

For many of the areas targeted, the program will see businesses and individuals receiving high-speed broadband Internet service for the first time. The program is expected to produce economic benefits and opportunities for rural businesses and families alike.

About Network BC

Network BC works collaboratively with local community groups, all levels of government and the private sector, including small Internet service providers, to encourage and facilitate high-speed Internet connectivity.

To find out more about the Connecting Citizen's Grant Program, visit the Network BC Website.

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