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Middleton Mania: capitalizing on the Royal visit

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Is your business ready for Royal fever?

With the Royal couple slated to arrive in Canada on Thursday for the first overseas tour since their wedding, the atmosphere of rampant excitement presents an excellent opportunity for businesses nation-wide.

The Will and Kate craze is a prime example of our voyeuristic obsession with all things celebrity. Internet traffic was reported to be the highest of all-time during their wedding, and some estimates claim that up to 2 billion people worldwide watched the event - these remain unproven, but the projection indicates how much people care.

The couple's reception in Canada is expected to be no different. Exact numbers haven't been projected, but the general consensus is that the Duke and Duchess will attract masses of people.

This tour could potentially be a gold mine, and Canadian businesses have a unique chance to capitalize on the opportunity.

Trendhunting in action

The Royal couple has been a steady trend for marketers, retailers and businesses, who have been creating a plethora of thematic products and services catered to the vast audience that is following Will and Kate's every move.

TrendHunter Magazine, a website that tracks a collection of cutting edge ideas and trends, has already identified forty different trends relating to Kate Middleton, the couple or the wedding.

Trending items are far-ranging, from hats, neck chokers, frocks and gowns all the way to food items, freezers, suitcases, confectionaries and general memorabilia.

Even 2 months after the wedding, the hype surrounding William and Kate shows no signs of dying, and their visit to Canada brings the excitement that much closer to home.


"Piggybacking" off of a trend, especially one of this magnitude, is a great way to give your business a boost.

In a recent article on marketing, product placement guru Susan J. Ashbrook talked about the merits of matching brands with celebrity personalities. Though it is unlikely that Kate Middleton will wear a pair of shoes made by your company, the basic principle of brand personality is still relevant.

For example, if you run a cafe, why not start a Royal afternoon tea? If you own a bakery, there is opportunity to make baked goods customized to the occasion.
Obviously, there are more comprehensive ways to capitalize on the Royal visit that both fit with and promote your brand or business. They require a bit more planning, but the opportunity is there. Players in industries as diverse as fashion, retail and even food production have already shown that Royal fever is a trend that can be profitable.

However, if you plan to get a piece of the Royal pie, be sure to do some legal research. There are intellectual property laws around the use of the Royal coat of arms, emblems, and representations of Royal family members.

Furthermore, you should be careful not to get too fixed on the idea of piggybacking; an entire business model based around the Royal couple simply isn't sustainable. Catering to a trend can be very beneficial on a short-term basis, but it will not ensure longevity.

Still, an opportunity like this doesn't present itself too often. People caught up in the excitement want to experience being a part of it; all you need to do is provide a way for them to fulfill that desire.

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