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Canadian businesses have chance to win $10,000 in new contest

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Canadian small business owners (in all provinces and territories except Quebec) have a chance to win $10,000 and a one-on-one social media consultation with the Managing Director of Facebook Canada in a contest designed to help launch the Amex for Business Canada Facebook Page.

The contest is open from October 3 - 24, 2011 and entering is simple.

Go to the "Take off with American Express" on Facebook and click through to the contest page. (You will be encouraged to "Like" AMEX's Facebook page as you do this, but are not required to do so to participate in the contest.)

When you arrive at the contest entry form you are asked to "share your vision" for your business in 150 words or less. A businesses can only enter the contest once and your response needs to describe three things:

  1. How the Grand Prize will help your business achieve its growth aspirations;
  2. Your business' entrepreneurial spirit; and
  3. Your business' innovative and creative approach to growth.

Craft your response carefully, as a judging panel will evaluate entries using a weighted scale to select 15 semi-finalists who will move on to stage two.

Judges will look for originality (40%), attainability (20%) and affinity with AMEX Canada's brand values (20%). Questions the judges will consider when evaluating entries include:

Originality (worth 40% of total score):
Is the Idea innovative and unique from other Entries as well as existing ideas in Canada?
Does the Idea demonstrate forward thinking and taking the next step?

An attainable and engaging growth initiative: (worth 40% of total score)
Is the vision realistic and practical?
Does the Idea provide a clear and concise vision of the concept?
Does the Entry clearly articulate how the Grand Prize will be used to further the Qualifying Business' growth aspirations?

Brand affinity: (worth 20% of total score)
Is the Idea in line with Amex Canada Inc. brand values? For example:
Does the Idea show entrepreneurial spirit?
Does the Idea showcase how the Qualifying Business is realizing the potential for its business? 

Once the semi-finalists are selected, interviews will be conducted that will narrow the entries down to five finalists. The contest rules provide information on how travel costs to Toronto will be covered, if applicable.

The selection of the overall winner will take place through public voting during the Voting period.

For more information visit the contest page or view the contest rules.

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