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CanadaOne Pays it Forward: TurboTax Giveaway

By Alexandra DeLory |

CanadaOne is excited to announce our latest social media engagement contest.

From now until April 15th just for sharing/retweeting our March feature article: Filing Your Business Income Tax Return, you could win 1 of 3 FREE copies of TurboTax Online.

TurboTax is an amazing tool that can help you to prep and file your taxes online. Say goodbye to tax headaches, TurboTax makes taxes simple.

Share Some Love and a Great Resource

In order to win this awesome time saving tool all you need to do is share.

Step 1: Share some love

“Like” CanadaOne on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

Step 2: Share a great resource

When you spot our featured article of the month “share” it on Facebook



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You can even post it on your own using this link:

If you are sharing the link on your own timeline use hashtag: #ShareTT or tag our Facebook Fan Page.

Step 3: Pay it forward

Here at CanadaOne we really appreciate your love and we want to share some love in return.

Just for sharing our article you will be entered into a pool of random contestants. If your name is selected you could be the winner of a free copy of TurboTax Online.

*Pro Sharing Tip: Remember, the more you share the more times your name will be entered into the draw.

Let CanadaOne help you file your tax return conveniently and for the low cost of free.

Share the love, enter our contest now.

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