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CanadaOne switches to ongoing publishing model

By CO Staff @canadaone |, one of Canada's largest and longest-standing websites assisting business owners, is introducing a major change to it's publishing cycle. Effective October 1, 2013 CanadaOne will no longer produce a monthly online magazine and will instead move to a continuous publishing cycle.

This shift aligns well with the evolution in search and the way business owners consume information.

"We have seen dramatic changes in the online world since CanadaOne first launched on March 3, 1998," says Julie King, co-founder and publisher of CanadaOne. "Changing our publishing model is just the latest way that CanadaOne can continue to meet our mandate of helping people start, run and grow successful businesses in Canada."

When CanadaOne launched there were few players in the Canadian online landscape. The small start-up that began with less than 20 articles has evolved significantly since that time. blossoming to an archive of over 1800 just-in-time articles, answers to pressing business questions, a business directory with over 20,000 verified Canadian listings and an overall audience of over 500,000 visitors in 2012.

"As business owners ourselves we understand the unique challenges that our audience face," says King. "Helping other Canadian businesses access good quality, relevant information remains our primary goal."

The Canadian focus of the CanadaOne website also remains as a key focus of the company.

"There is no question that you can easily find a lot of information online today," says King. "The important question is whether it is the right information to help you accomplish what you need to do in your business."

King notes that there are many problems with the globalization of information, from being misguided by information that applies to another province or country to being led into a bait-and-switch information that is a poorly disguised attempt to sell products and services.

"We are proud to be one of Canada's largest, independent business information sources. Our new publishing schedule will only help us further our goal of helping other Canadian businesses realize their dreams, one piece of information at a time," says King.

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