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No sex, please -- we're Canadian!

TORONTO - There's too much sex in advertisements, Canadians say. That's one result of BBM Canada's largest ever media-consumer survey.

Fifty-two thousands Canadians, or 62 per cent of respondents, agreed or strongly agreed that “too much sex is being used to sell products today.

Survey results were produced by an RTS Canada system that tracks consumer product spending on a wide variety of goods and services. Many respondents live in the country’s biggest cities, which allowed for a detailed look at regional and local preferences.

"With RTS's huge sample size, just about any target group can be researched in great detail, no matter how off-beat or narrowly defined that target is," said BBM Marketing Manager Craig Dorning. "The study offers high quality, timely and relevant data that gives businesses a distinct advantage for understanding consumers and targeting advertising."

Other survey highlights

  • 65 per cent of respondents felt that family and children are the most important part of their lives
  • 57 per cent liked to cook
  • 59 per cent listed gardening as their favourite leisure activity, with fitness walking (55), swimming (53) and camping (47) close behind
  • 64 per cent had a favourable impression of door-to-door flyers, while 36 per cent did not like them
  • 2 per cent reported shopping for groceries on-line in the past year
  • 1 per cent had shopped for jewellery on-line in the past year

BBM Canada is a non-profit organization that has operated since 1944. It provides ratings information for radio and television to broadcasters, advertisers and their agencies, representing almost 1,000 member companies across the country. You can find them online at


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