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New Guidelines for Labelling and Advertising

Pet food manufacturers may need to revisit their food labelling and advertising practices, in light of the release of a new pet food labelling and advertising guide.

Developed in response to pet owners' concerns over the lack of regularity over the labelling and advertising of pet food in Canada, The Guide for the Labelling and Advertising of Pet Foods outlines standards for labelling and advertising pre-packaged goods for cats and dogs. It does not cover pet food such as treats or anything that could be considered a drug.

While the new guidelines are "recommended" only, and are not law, the Guide will be used when evaluating claims of false and misleading advertising that fall under the Competition Act and the Consumer and Packaging and Labelling Act.

The Guide was created by the Working Group on the Labelling and Advertising of Pet Food in Canada, who consulted with Canadian pet owners, pet food companies, and industry stakeholders. Group members included the Pet Food Association of Canada, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the Canadian Animal Health Institute, Health Canada, and the Competition Bureau which protects Canadian consumer rights.

For an online copy of the guide go to You can also call the Competition Bureau's Information Centre at 1-800-348-5358.

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