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Are You Waiting for the Perfect Goal?

By Deborah Brown |

Are you waiting for the perfect goal, the one that will finally get you moving?

Most of us spend our lives waiting for something. Once we have the perfect job, more money, a better relationship, a nicer house, car, etc., we will finally be happy. We also do this with goals. Once we find the perfect goal, then we can go for it, but not before then. Our wish to be safe and sure keeps us from pursuing a life we love.

The hardest thing about picking a goal is that once you pick it, you will have to commit yourself to doing it. This scares many people because once they commit, they have to stop talking about their goals and start working towards them.

What happens if you pick the wrong goal or you make a mistake? This is the question that stops many people before they get started. But the answer is simple; if you choose the wrong goal or make a mistake, you move on. Use what you learned to adjust your goal or set a new one. We all want a guarantee before we begin so we know that our efforts will be worth it. Unfortunately, life doesn't work this way. We make the commitment first; we see the rewards second.

So what keeps you from picking a goal? Is it fear? The thought of choosing the wrong path is so terrifying to many of us that we'd prefer to do nothing at all.

How Do You Pick A Goal And Stick With It? Follow These Easy Steps:

1. Accept That You Deserve To Have A Goal:
If you don't think that you deserve to have goals, then no wonder you are goal-less. The messages you give to yourself determine where your life will go. If you are telling yourself that you are unworthy or don't warrant goals, then how can you expect to have direction in your life?

2. Pick A Goal:
I know this seems obvious, but you can't reach your goals until you know what they are and you can't get there unless you know where you are going. What's the worst that can happen? You pick the wrong goal? No matter how bad you think it is to pick the wrong goal, at least you've picked something. And, it will still lead you to the finish line with more experience under your belt.

3. Commit To Your Goal:
Commitment is where it starts and nothing happens without a focused effort to make it materialize. Most people are afraid of commitment, but they find they are freed up as soon as they make one. The fear of bring tied down to something will only keep goal-less, wondering why your life has no direction.

4. Create A Plan To Achieve Your Goal:
This part scares people because they believe it is too hard to do. If you were looking to buy a car, wouldn't you do the research, visit showrooms, test drive different cars, comparison shop, etc. This is your plan, whether you think you created one or not. It was your roadmap that led you to the goal of buying a car. If you did this for a car, why can't you do this for yourself?

5. Recognize That Fear Is Part Of The Process:
There are times when you will wonder if you have what it takes to attain your goals. Fear is a normal part of human nature. If you can accept that fear will occur during this process then you don't have to spend time worrying what you will do if you do get afraid because you will have this part handled. The only way past fear is through it and not around it. You can do it!

6. Take Action Every Day Towards Your Goal:
Your life is moving forward whether you are working towards your goals or not. So, wouldn't it be better to take one action each day that will get you closer to where you want to be? It could be as simple as making a phone call, sending an e-mail, or doing some research on the Internet. Goals are attained through the little steps until, one day, you find that you are there. This is the only way.

7. Be Nice To Yourself Along The Way:
Take time to congratulate yourself on your successes. You deserve it! You are working very hard towards achieving your goal and you earned the right to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Sure you may get discouraged or have doubts, but don't let that take away from the courage it took to get out of your own way, and moving in the right direction. So don't worry about picking the wrong goal. Go for it, and live a life you never thought possible. Like the perfect job or the better relationship, the perfect goal will not magically appear. Be responsible for your own life and your own happiness. Make it happen! Be more afraid of not trying at all.

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