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Develop a High Performance Mind

By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, Pioneer brain/mind researcher |

Scientists once thought that the brain we are born with totally determines our intelligence and mental potential. In some cases this certainly can be said to be true. But when it comes to the "average" and "above average" brain – it seems we are all born with at least one very powerful potential.

What is that potential? The potential to develop a high performance mind that more fully represents our true capabilities.

We now know that our brains are so changeable that a new scientific term had to be developed – brain plasticity. And the scientific evidence in the last ten years has proven beyond a doubt that genius is not a born quality – it is developed (and can be learned). And the same is true for high performance minds.

So how can this be accomplished? There are basically three secrets to developing a high performance mind.

Secret # 1. Genius has been directly connected to the number of interconnections between your neurons (brain cells). How are such interconnections created? Through mental challenge and stimulation.

So, although most brains could be said to be potentially equal at birth – after that, something new comes into play. We are far more than our genetic makeup.

Albert Einstein, for example, was severely dyslexic as a youngster. He actually had great problems learning to speak, and even walk. Yet he became one of the greatest geniuses of our time.

After his death it was discovered that his brain was basically different from the 'normal' brain in only one way – the density of interconnections he had created among his neurons. Einstein's preferred method of bringing new insights into his mind was discovered after his death.

So the first secret to developing a high performance mind is the adoption of smart methods of use that will expand the complexity of your neural interconnections.

Secret #2. The first secret (use) will develop the complexity of your brain, and your potential for genius-level thinking. But this brings us to secret #2 – the issue of 'state vs content.'

The 'content' of your mind corresponds to what you have managed to learn and remember. And this, in turn, tends to determine what you can think. Some psychologists claim we actually ARE our memory. They do have a point -– since it is the combined content of your conscious and subconscious memories that makes you unique.

But the 'state' of your brain is quite a different thing indeed. The state of your brain refers to the actual physical characteristics of how your brain works. That is, how your brainwaves combine to create and use the "contents" of your mind.

For example, if your current mental contents are focused on solving a problem, but the state of your brain is locked into high stress Gamma brainwaves, the probability you will solve that problem is very low indeed – because the state of your brain simply does NOT support your goal.

Secret #3. So regardless of your IQ or memory banks – the state of your brain creates and controls what you will (or will not) manage to achieve in your life. And stress is NOT the only limiting factor.

When it comes to actually achieving what you desire – your ability to generate high performance brain states is the TRUE limiting factor. Until you learn to hold the brainwave state of high achiever, you will have built-in limits. This is a physical reality that no amount of positive thinking or goal-setting can overcome.

Do High Achievers Have Special Brains? Numerous research studies have established the fact that super successful people all share certain personality traits and habits. But are the brains of these super successful people also somehow different?

The answer is yes. Absolutely.. Millionaires, for example, share a common brainwave configuration. And interestingly, it is very similar to that of many 'psychics' and super-intuitive people – just applied differently.

Can This be Trained? Can such unique brainwaves be trained? YES. You can learn to literally duplicate a millionaire's mental state – from the inside out! I have taught this for over 35 years to my clients in a one-on-one environment.

Want to know more?

Come check out how I have, for the past 35+ years, installed millionaire brainwaves (and thinking abilities) into my clients' minds. What you'll learn has the potential to change your life – forever!

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