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Business Identity Theft Checklist

By Consumer Measures Committee |

Protect Your Business Protect Your Customers

Protecting customer data is both a legal and a customer relationship issue. How does your organization protect the information it collects? This checklist will help you develop secure information management practices.

Only collect essential data
Obtain consent when you collect

Security and Storage
Don't store unneeded data
Encrypt data on networks, laptops and remote access devices
Update security software frequently
Save to networks, not hard drives
Use locks, alarms and video cameras
Conduct employee background checks
Terminate network access when employees leave the organization
Limit access to sensitive data


Use scrubbing software or destroy hard drives
Shred all sensitive documents

Response Plan

Prepare a strategy to manage a breach

What To Do When Information Goes Missing

To respond to a breach you need to investigate the problem internally and devise a plan for informing those affected. Timing is critical.

Investigating the Breach

Assess the situation by asking:
What information was stolen?
When was it stolen?
How did it happen?
Which files were affected?
Is other information at risk?
Is advice from a lawyer/accountant needed?

Communicating the Breach

Be prepared to inform:
Credit reporting agencies
Equifax (1-800-465-7166)
TransUnion (1-877-525-3823)
Affected customers or businesses
Law enforcement and PhoneBusters at 1-888-495-8501.
Privacy commissioner

For more advice and tools on ID theft, visit

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