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Hunting Your Fortune

By Mario Cywinski |

This Saturday, Mike Tan is betting that experts will like his business idea, when his company is profiled on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)'s Fortune Hunters.

"Each and every week we meet the people who are hunting their fortune by creating companies and trying to cash in on popular trends. We also meet two business experts who help us learn about the trend, and assess the odds of success for our Fortune Hunters," described the web site. "Each week we meet a business brain who's made it big in our success segment, My First Million."

A very interesting concept that doesn't offer anything in the way of a reward, such as reality shows currently on television, but it does give the chance to show your business to millions of television viewers.

The topic for the upcoming show on the day of love, February 14, is Web 2.0 and social networking. An appropriate topic to be covered on a day when everyone just wants to find someone special.

This week's guest is Tan, co-founder of What is it? allows people who run sports teams or who simply want their team to have an online presence to do so.

"With TeamPages, a coach, manager, or parent can set up a website for their team in less than four minutes, where they can easily post and share their schedules, news, scores, stats, photos, videos, and documents online," said Tan. "What makes TeamPages different than other websites is the way we save coaches and parents time when it comes to communication. Whenever there is a schedule change or last minute cancellation, TeamPages automatically sends out an email notification and text message to all team members letting them know about the change."Amazingly, the idea for team pages came to be inside a local Starbucks.

"We spent the rest of our summer evenings at Starbucks trying to come out with a solution that would make team communication really easy yet fun for everyone," said Tan. "It was over those nights that we came up with an idea to build an online community similar to Facebook and MySpace, but built specifically for sports and safe for kids and parents"

An example of pages that can be created on each team site are: team page (home page), calendar page, roster page, scoreboard page, stats page, news and announcements page, documents page, photos page, video page, communications page and the privacy setting page.

Tan was selected to be on the show when Rizwan Kheraj, from the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), informed him that the show was looking for a Web 2.0 business. He jumped at the opportunity.

"The number one key message that we're hoping to get across on the show is we're a dedicated team to making the lives of coaches, parents, and athletes easier and more fun when it comes to being involved with team sports," said Tan.

What will the experts say about Tan's hopes of success? How will Tan respond to their comments and criticisms? You can find out next week when we follow-up with Tan to find out what he thought of the show and the experts' comments.

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