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Is your Social Network Yielding Results?

By Jim Pagiamtzis |

The world of networking has evolved and many are struggling with how to utilize this amazing tool to generate results – from new clients to financial goals.

There are numerous authors who say they have cracked the code of the social networking domain, which can be looked at in different ways, depending on your target market and other specifics.

There are several ways to create interest that will bring potential customers right to you inbox. From online resources to off-line referrals, marketers refer to these as “attraction devices”.

Content is king

There has to be substance to what you create and share through blogging, tweeting and short messaging.

Connect with your audience first. Then continue the conversation by attending an event, meeting in person or connecting via phone.

Having a viable message the target audience finds interesting is a critical part of your content marketing strategy that gives you credibility.

Paul Tobey, a networking expert, tweets “adding a new name to your list everyday means you are working on your business”.  This is a powerful message that your audience may not realize they need to do.

This may cause someone to re-tweet your message or respond to you directly.

This approach can be used on all your social networks.  Keep track on responses and reaction to this so you can build on what works well and eliminate things that are not effective.

Attraction systems

You may have great content and still find it difficult to  get your potential clients to connect with you.

Overcoming this is all about two things: having a strong call to action and a place – most often your website - where potential customers can easily reach you.  

Today email and social media are the most common ways to connect, but this can shift as technology changes. It is important to understand which channels your potential customers prefer and make these available.

A good strategy is to utilize email marketing campaigns to connect and create momentum that will generate interest from event, articles or special promotions.

Many business cards that I have seen recently have links where you can download chapters of their book. Free value that creates interest!

Follow up is important to create result

Now that you got referrals and leads coming in from your attraction system, an important step is to follow up in timely manner. Less than 48hrs is recommended, you don’t want them going to someone else!

Have systems in place, from questions for prospects to a list of the key things you need to communicate to close a sale. Have a paper and pen ready to take notes, whether you are in a meeting or on the phone.

As you grown business relationships, asks your customers for referrals.

Also ask existing customers if on they are enjoying working with you and pleased with your products and services.

This is great information to share in your online efforts or in written materials you may share with future clients.  Always be in motion that fuels your momentum that is acquired to achieve your financial goals you have set-up for the year.

Statistics have shown that it takes at 6 or more time of contact to have you prospect becoming your client. The value you share and how you package your product or service is going to be very important system to have in place that can repeated over and over.

Three steps you do are:

  • 1st Contact ( online or off-line)
  • 2nd Connect  ( meet and qualify)
  • 3rd Close (follow up –follow through)

Write these step outs and keep them on computer or on your phone. The key to success is to be in constant motion and momentum in your journey of success.

Your social network can you yield results as long as you generate the strategic engagement needed to create the momentum that will lead to monetary success.

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