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Farewell from Dr. Paul Adams

By Dr Paul E Adams |

Today I put the pen down as this is my last weekly entrepreneurship column after six years and close to 300 columns or 400,000 words of so-called business wisdom. It is time. It has been a wonderful journey and I owe much thanks to Ms Osborne- editor of the Gazette- who was the first to publish my column- offering me encouragement and hints on making my work reader friendly.

From the weekly Gazette my column spread to small business magazines, web sites such as CanadaOne - geared to Canadian entrepreneurship - as well as business papers through out the States and Europe, In all my weekly work appeared in well over 75 publications. As well as writing I was invited to Vilnius Management Collage in Lithuania to conduct a 3 day seminar to students, entrepreneurs, faculty and government officials based on my columns and book. I am proud to say many of the columns became a textbook for the college. It was an adventure I will never forget.

My column brought many speaking invitations from various business clubs. Appearing before seasoned business owners was rewarding and part of the wonderful emotional uplift you get from those who respect your work

Over the years, I have received so many wonderful letters from readers asking advice suggesting topics and sharing experience. Hearing from readers is always a charge for me. Oh, I have had my share of readers who disagree with my opinions; I always welcomed every letter or E-mail.

And now for medical reasons I bring my career as a columnist to a close, and in doing so I want to thank my publishers, editors, readers and the support of my wife Irene who edited every column keeping me on a path of common sense and prevented me from straying into the lofty world of academia.

So in closing, I thank you for taking the time to allow me to share my thoughts.

Editor's Note:
Paul has written for CanadaOne for almost as long as CanadaOne has been in publication and our readers have enjoyed his insightful articles on how to run a business. Thank you Paul, for all the help you have provided entrepreneurs over the years. We wish you well. In parting, here are links to just a small selection from the great articles you have written over the years.

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