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Websites for Business 101: Make Connecting Easier

By Julie King |

Over ten years ago Nesreen Sarras wrote a passionate article asking businesses to make it easy to find contact information on their websites.

"All I was looking for were addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and an email address or two," Sarras wrote. "In many cases, the mission was impossible. I was shocked at how many companies do not make this information easily accessible to visitors."

Today this advice holds true, only the way it needs to be implemented has evolved.

People are no longer just accessing your website from desktop and laptop computers in a common web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. The devices and browsers have evolved and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Check your website statistics and you are sure to see a growing number of people visiting your website from their tablets and smartphones.

If you want to make it easy for people to contact you from your website today, you need to make sure that this information is easy to find, both in terms of how it is positioned on your site and by the device being used.

Here are three essentials for ensuring your business is easy to find online:

  1. Be obvious. Make the link to your contact information page prominent and consider including your contact essentials on your homepage as well as other pages of your site.
  2. Be versitile. Make it easy to find your contact information from your homepage on a mobile device; don't make visitors pinch and zoom. Using a responsive design enables you to include your contact information more prominently on mobile devices and smart phones in particular.
  3. Be cross-device friendly. Avoid using web technologies, such as Flash, that are not readily available on mobile devices.

And this advice from Sarras' original article still holds true.

"To those businesses that would prefer not to get calls - explain that," said Sarras. "Provide a link for those with inquiries, explaining that all customer service is carried out by email, fax, or whatever the method might be. Promise that a customer service representative will get back to them, and make sure they do!"

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