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Using Paypal for Business

When you think online payments, chances are good that the Paypal name will come to mind. And for good reason. Paypal, which started as a payment exchange to make people more comfortable purchasing goods through the eBay online auction site, has emerged as the leader for small businesses looking to process payments online.

Darrell MacMullin is responsible for all of Paypal's operations in Canada and was the company's first country manager. We recently spoke with MacMullin to learn more about Paypal's services.

What is clear is that Paypal is no longer just a payment exchange and simple online credit card service. Transactions can now be conducted online, by email, at tradeshows and even using your mobile phone.

While MacMullin notes that Canadians merchants are behind their US counterparts in their adoption of e-commerce, he also explains that the barriers to entry have come down, making this a good time to consider getting online or improving your web precence if you are online already.

We hope you enjoy the interview.

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